Tutorials I’ve given:

  • Processamento de Texto nos Dias de Hoje: Tarefas, Métodos e Recursos. [slides]
  • The Ultimate NLP Research Makeup Tutorial at IJCNLP 2017. [slides]

Tasks I helped organize:

  • Complex Word Identification task of SemEval 2016. [link] [data]
  • Complex Word Identification task of BEA 2018. [link] [data]

Resources I created:

  • User Studies with Non-Native English Speakers. [link] [cite]
  • Bootstrapped MRC: Bootstrapped Psycholinguistic Features. [link] [cite]
  • SubIMDB: A Structured Corpus of Subtitles. [link] [cite]
  • BenchLS: A Reliable Dataset for Lexical Simplification. [link] [cite]
  • BenchPS: A Dataset for Phrase-Level Simplification [link][cite]
  • NNSeval: Evaluating Lexical Simplification for Non-Natives. [link] [cite]
  • PLUMBErr: Automatic Error Identification for Simplifiers. [link] [cite]

Applications I developed:

  • LEXenstein: A Framework for Lexical Simplification. [link] [cite]
  • EXTLex: A Configurable Lexical Analyzer. [link] [cite]
  • Morph Adorner Toolkit: A Morph Adorner Interface for Scripts. [link] [cite]

Applications I contributed to:

  • QuEst++: Multi-Level Quality Estimation. [link] [cite]
  • QuEst: An Open Source Tool for Translation Quality Estimation. [link]
  • Okapi: A Framework for Natural Language Processing. [link]
  • PET: The Post-Editing Tool. [link]